2 Things To Test Your Water For Before Installing A New Well

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Part of getting a new well installed at your house is making sure that the water is nice and clean. You don't want to have to deal with any contaminants because that will invalidate the reason you got the well in the first place. So, one of the things that are going to happen is that a test hole will be dug. The test hole will allow the drilling company to find out where the water is and how far down it is. It will also allow them to draw up some water so that they can send it out to get it tested. What are some of the things that the laboratory is going to test for?

Environmental Contaminants

One of the things that the lab will test for will be environmental contaminants. Those are things that are found in the environment around where your well is. They could be naturally occurring things or they could be things that are manmade and introduced into the area. The things that the lab will be looking for include things like pesticides and fertilizers that may come from any farms in the area. Even if there isn't an active farm in your area anymore, it doesn't mean that there aren't farming chemicals left around. Naturally occurring things can include heavy metals, things like radon gas, or other similar things. The lab will test for them and tell you how much of each of them your water sample carries. 

Bacterial Contaminants

Another thing that the laboratory is going to look for in the water sample from the test drill for your well is any kind of bacterial or viral contamination. Those kinds of things include E. coli or other germs that can make you very sick. Things like E. coli or other fecal form germs can come from contamination from certain farming operations, like pig or cow farms, as well as things like leaky sewer connections or septic tanks. There may be some naturally occurring bacteria, and the lab should be able to tell that by the bacterial or viral load in the water. 

Before you have your brand new well completely dug and set up, you need to make sure that the well drilling company has sent out some water to a laboratory to be tested so that you can be sure that your water is going to be safe to drink.

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