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Log houses are becoming much more common. It's now more practical to have these houses because of modern preservatives. 

The Logs Used to Make Many Log Houses Are Often Protected Using Specialized Preservatives

Log houses are more durable today than they used to be, and this is partly because log house services have learned how to effectively prevent many of the issues that can occur with pieces of wood. They use preservatives that are sustainable and environmentally safe, and which are even more effective than toxic types of preservatives. 

These preservatives can keep away insects and other pests. People will also be able to stop the wood from breaking down by using these kinds of preservatives. The wood won't develop problems with mold or mildew. Preservatives like these can help wooden logs stay fresh and new. These preservatives are also compatible with many different wood types. 

Log Houses Are Constructed Using Numerous Wood Types

Cedar is a popular wood species for log house builders and services. This is the sort of wood that will genuinely produce good results. It's known to insulate homes much more effectively than many of the other types of wood species that would be used otherwise. Cedar also tends to last significantly longer than many other kinds of wood, making it much more reliable in practice. People also tend to like the way cedar looks. 

Log house builders will sometimes use different types of wood for other parts of the log houses themselves. The roof beams of the house might be made from spruce wood, while the structural floor could be constructed using fir. Spruce wood and fir could also certainly be used to make the logs that will form the more visible parts of the house. People won't usually be overly limited when it comes to the wood species that they can select. It's also possible to construct log houses on a comparatively wide range of different foundations.

The Foundations of Log Houses Won't Be Substantially Different from the Foundations of Many Other Homes

Some log house builders will use concrete foundations in the construction of log houses. However, it's still possible to use plenty of very different foundations, and these foundation types will not be all that distinct from the foundations that would be used otherwise. Log houses tend to be more distinctive when it comes to how they look above the foundation. 

If you'd like to make adjustments to your log home or would like to look into building one, look for log home services.