What Sets A Commercial Garage Door Apart From Residential Garage Doors?

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Garage doors aren't just for houses. If you own a business with an attached warehouse or loading dock, you'll need garage doors that let goods in while keeping other unwanted items out. But choosing a garage door clearly meant for residential use is out of the question. Those doors simply aren't built to handle the daily rigors of an ordinary business day.

Commercial garage doors, on the other hand, set themselves apart from their residential counterparts in a variety of ways. Read on to learn about the key features that make commercial garage doors a better option for your business.

Compact Forms

Both residential and commercial garage doors come in a wide variety of sizes to suit just about any need. The key difference between these doors lies in their size, but not in the way you would think. The clue lies in the number and width of panels that allow both types of doors to flex and fold without suffering any damage.

A typical residential garage door features four or five panels that are upwards to a foot wide and serve a largely decorative purpose. In contrast, a commercial garage door contains dozens of panels that are only a few inches wide.

The smaller panels serve an important purpose by allowing the garage door to roll up as tightly as possible to save space overhead. That's because the vast majority of commercial garage doors are of the roll-up variety – a space-saving design developed with durability and simplicity in mind.

Material Selection

You can also get a residential garage door in a broad range of materials, from traditional wood to lightweight fiberglass and durable vinyl. For commercial garage doors, however, material choices are a bit limited for practicality and durability reasons.

As a result, the overwhelming majority of commercial garage doors are made from either galvanized steel or aluminum. Both materials are exceptionally durable and designed to last for the long haul. Galvanized steel doors cost less to purchase and install, while aluminum doors offer the same level of durability, but with lighter weight and near imperviousness to rust.

Reduced Maintenance

There's no getting around the need for maintenance when it comes to your business's physical assets. Unlike residential garage doors, commercial garage doors are specifically designed to lessen the need for constant maintenance.

What you'll get are high-quality components that are specifically designed and manufactured for more strenuous work cycles. These components are also shielded from the elements, protecting them from dirt, dust and debris that could compromise their performance.

These advantages not only extend the working life of a commercial garage door significantly, but the door also needs less attention. Nevertheless, it's important to maintain regularly scheduled checkups to make sure your commercial garage doors work flawlessly throughout their projected service life.