Weather Damage, Summertime, Roofing Repairs, And You: A Few Things You Need To Know

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Residential roofing companies have been very busy so far this summer. There are have been dozens of tornadoes reported, wind storms that could almost have been labeled tornadoes, and plenty of hail. After the cleanup of all of these weather disasters, homeowners are clamoring to find help to fix and replace their roofs. This is on top of the already pre-planned roofing projects that roofing contractors had scheduled. If you are one of the hundreds of people who now have roofing damage as a result of this or that weather condition, here are a few things you should know about residential roofing repairs in the summertime. 

Be Patient and Keep Trying to Get a Contractor

This is the busiest time of year for contractors. Add the recent catastrophic weather conditions, and a lot of contractors barely have time to check their phones and voicemail, let alone schedule appointments for estimates. However, you should not let that bother you. Be patient, be persistent, and keep trying. As contractors get a second to check their phones, they will call back.

It Might Take a Couple of Weeks to Get the Repairs Started

Looking around, you are probably realizing that many of your neighbors are all in the same boat. Everyone is trying to get a contractor to check out wind and hail damage. The more severe the issue, the more likely a contractor is going to respond to "emergency cases," and prioritize those homes first. If you still have all or most of your roof, the contractors will come around to you, but they may need to work on homes that have lost large portions of their roof before working on anything else. Conversely, if you are a homeowner who has lost most of your roof, you may be able to get a contractor to come sooner. 

Everything Will Be Finished Before the First Leaves Fall in Autumn

While some roofing contractors are willing to work all year long, most prefer to have the majority of their projects complete before the first leaves fall in autumn. This is because a whole new set of services are requested of these contractors, and they do not want to delay these seasonal projects. If you are concerned about how soon your roof will be started and completed, request that your contractor stipulate exactly from when to when he/she will be working on your roof. The contract will hold him/her to those dates and guarantee that you will get a new roof or roof repair in that time frame.