What To Do If You Drop Something Important Down Your Drain

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If you happen to drop something down a drainpipe in your home that is very valuable to you, you might instantly feel devasted, as if the item is gone forever. Before you panic too much, you should realize that the item might not be completely gone just yet. There are steps that you can complete that may help you recover the item you lost in your drain. Here are several tips to help you with this.

Shut off the water

The very first thing you should do after dropping a valuable item in a drain is shut off the water if it is currently on. For example, if you are taking a shower and lose a ring down your drain, shut off the water immediately. If you were using the toilet and dropped something in it that you cannot see, do not flush the toilet. Whatever you do, avoid running any more water into the drain you dropped the item into.

Use a tool to try to retrieve the item

There are times when items lost in drains can be retrieved with the use of a household tool. For example, if the item is made of metal, you could possibly retrieve it by placing a magnet in the drain. You might also be able to use some type of tool inserted in the line to pull it out.

Hire a plumber to get the item

If you cannot get the item out, the best option you have is to remove the P-trap from the drain pipe the item fell in. If you do not know how to do this, call a plumber. A plumber can easily remove this pipe, and when he or she does this, there is a good chance that the item will be lying inside the P-trap. If not, the plumber might have other ideas as to how to find it.

Place screens over all your drains

If you want to prevent this from happening again in the future, you should consider placing screens over all your drains. Screens stop things from entering drains and are very useful for helping you avoid losing important items down your drains. They are are also useful for helping you avoid clogs in your drains. If you need assistance, contact a plumbing company in your city.  

For more information or for help with other drain-related problems, contact a plumber near you.