4 Steel Fabrication Solutions To Create Exposed Structural Details In Architectural Designs

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Metal or steel fabrication is used in various industries, including construction and new building designs. Often, features like steel skeletons are hidden in the finishes of buildings but exposing some of these features can give your architectural designs unique characteristics. Here are some of the ways steel fabrication can be used to create structural details in your architectural designs:

1. Custom Metal Stairs With Unique Designs And Shapes For Designs

Metal is a material that is commonly used for stairs in many architectural designs. Custom steel fabrication gives you the opportunity to create stairs with unique design features, such as a floating illusion or stairs that are fabricated from a single sheet of steel. If you use custom fabricated metal stairs, use railings that will have a minimal visual impact, such as cable and steel railings or glass with a wood or steel handrail.

2. Adding Polished Metal Features To The Design Of Building Interiors And Exteriors

There may be some areas where you want to have privacy and a unique building design. This can be done with the use of polished metal panels. You can talk with the steel fabricator about different features that you want to have accented with polished metal. On the exterior of the building, this polished metal look can be duplicated with stainless steel features that are resistant to corrosion by outdoor elements like rain.

3. Steel And Glass Roof Design Details For A Unique Way To Add Natural Like To Buildings

Natural light is an important feature to have in modern building designs; especially in commercial construction projects. To give an architectural design more natural light, the roof or parts of it can be composed of steel latticework with glass. The use of latticework and glass will allow for different shapes to be used in the design to give buildings a one-of-a-kind look.

4. Steel Railings, Fencing, And Exterior Metal Sculptures To Complement Modern Building Design

The landscaping and hardscaping features around a modern building should complement its design. With steel fabrication, you have the choice of using different materials that are custom made to be part of the completed design. You may want to use steel fabrication for things like railings on walking paths and sidewalks or to create unique fences and barrier systems that separate the design from adjacent buildings.

These are some of the ways steel fabrication can be used to create unique details in your architectural designs. If you have a project that needs some of these unique features, contact a metal fabrication service for help. Companies like Select Steel can answer your questions.