Replacing A Defective Well Pump In Your Well

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Getting water from the well and into your home is easier now than it used to be. You no longer have to go out and dip the water up with a bucket tied to a rope. Modern well pumps are often installed in the well, but there are external ones as well that are near the wellhead or inside the house. If either pump fails, you have to have the right tools and the knowledge to replace them. 

No Power, No Water

Anytime that you have a problem getting water from your well, it is essential to check a few things before assuming that the pump is not working. With well pumps that are submerged in the well, pulling it out can be a lot of work. It should be the last resort, not the first option. Before you assume the pump is dead, go to the breaker panel and check the breaker for the pump. If it was installed correctly, the pump should be on one all by itself. If the breaker has tripped, you can try resetting it and see if that fixes the problem. 

In some cases, a tripped breaker can be just a fault, and resetting it is fine, but if the breaker trips several times, there is a bigger problem, and you should not keep resetting it. The breaker might be bad, the pump could be seized, or there could be an exposed wire in the well. Call an electrician to check things out so you do not make the problem worse than it already is. 

Pulling The Pump

If the pump is bad and needs to come out of the well, you will need to call a well company like Hull Well & Pump Service and have a pump installer and repairer come to the house to check out the situation. For deep wells, they will need a power hoist that is designed to pull the pump out of the well, but in more shallow wells that might not be required. Once the pump is out of the well, it can be checked for damaged. A new pump will be installed in the well, and the old one can then be checked out to find out why it failed. 

Pump failures are not that common, and many times the pump is affected by some other issue like a lightning strike, material in the well choking off the water, or it might not have been strong enough for the amount of lift required to get the water out of the well and into the house.