Three Reasons To Use A One-Piece Shampoo And Soap Niche

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If you're having your bathroom shower renovated, a shampoo and soap niche may be a detail that you want your contractor to install for you. This built-in shelf will hold your shower supplies, which is usually favorable to other ways of storing them. There are a couple of options when you're thinking about this niche. One is to have the contractor install a one-piece niche, which is often made of plastic, and the other is to have him or her build one out of the tiles being used in the construction of the shower. Here are three reasons that the one-piece shampoo and shower niche is a good choice.

It Will Cost Less

It's a virtual certainty that a one-piece shampoo and soap niche will cost less than one made of tiles. On the supply side, the one-piece niche that your contractor buys will be at a minimal cost — far less expensive than buying all of the tiles needed to cover this area. On the labor side, installing the one-piece shampoo and soap niche is a quicker job than essentially building you a custom one. For the latter type of work, the contractor will need to cut tiles, mount them, and grout between them — all of which takes time, thus increasing the cost of the job.

It's Less Maintenance

While shampoo and soap niches made of tiles will definitely look good, they require some regular maintenance. For example, if mildew develops over time, which may occur because of the environment staying wet, you'll need to scrub it off the tiles and the grout. In some cases, you'll also need to reseal the grout regularly. A one-piece shampoo and soap niche is usually made of plastic, so it requires very little maintenance. A quick wipe when needed is all this type of niche will need.

You Can Always Change Your Mind

Given its benefits, you might like the idea of having your remodeling contractor install a one-piece shampoo and soap niche. However, if you decide at some point in the future that you'd like to have the niche tiled to match the rest of the shower, it's a relatively simple job for a contractor to tile the area. He or she may even be able to apply the tiles directly to the plastic niche. This gives you a considerable amount of flexibility if you like the idea of changing the look of the shower in the future.

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