Use A Sump Pump To Keep Your Basement From Flooding? 4 Maintenance Tips To Keep It Running

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A sump pump does a great job at preventing water from getting into your basement. To ensure it continues working well for you, however, you must provide it with the proper maintenance. To help you get started, below are four maintenance tips that you can do on your own.

Cover It Up

The sump basin should always be covered with a type of cover that cannot be easily removed. The cover should lock tightly to prevent children from being able to open it. If not, a child could easily fall into the basin and get severely hurt.

Animals can also get into the basin if the lid is not in good condition. The lid also prevents debris from getting into the basis, such as falling leaves, grass, trash, and more. The lid will prevent your basin from smelling and prevent the water from evaporating.

Check the lid periodically and if you notice it is loose or damaged in any way replace it immediately.

Keep It Clean

You do need to make sure there is no debris in the basin. If there is the pump will not operate correctly and your basement could flood if you have a hard rain. Open the lid and if you see any type of debris remove it until there is none.

If there is a lot of debris in the pump you should contact a professional contractor to clean it for you. While they are there they can go ahead and clean the sides and bottom of the basin for you. This will help prevent smells.

Inspect the Check Valve

You need to ensure the check valve is fitted correctly at all times and that the valve is in good condition. If the valve is damaged in any way, the pump cannot pump water correctly. For example, once the water is pumped, the discharge line will not return water to the pump to refill it.

If your check valve is going bad, you will notice the pump running constantly. This is because it is constantly trying to fill up with water.

Inspect Discharge Lines

Check the discharge lines for any kind of damage or leaks. Look at the end of each line and make sure everything is connected tightly. If the lines are not connected or are damaged in any way, the pump will not be able to pump water correctly. Lines can also become dirty. If so, you will notice water coming from the pump is not clear.

Contact a sump pump installation and repair company to maintain your sump pump for you if you do not want to do this maintenance on your own. If the sump pump is old, the contractor will suggest that they install a new one for you.