Newer Technologies For Windows

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Whether your project is a new construction or a remodel of an older home that you're giving an eco-friendly makeover, making use of the newest technologies when you choose your new windows can help to ensure that you get the highest-performance windows possible. This will allow you to stay comfortable in both summer and winter and avoid some of the common problems with windows, such as heat loss, condensation, and mildew growth. Here are two newer technologies that have developed for use on residential windows.

Window tinting Although window tints aren't really news, some of the newer types of tinting that have been recently developed are news because they offer much higher performance. If you've been put off from the idea of window tinting by the thought that it would make your windows look unfriendly or reduce visibility from inside the house, you're living in the past. Modern window tinting can provide not only protection from the summer sun and insulation for wintertime efficiency, but also high visibility. Some coatings do this by only blocking invisible light, such as UV rays (which do the most damage anyway) while allowing light in the visible spectrum through so the window doesn't look dark. Because light in the visible spectrum is in the minority among total light rays, this offers targeted and highly effective protection. Not only do windows become more efficient, but they also protect your belongings from fading and other UV damage.  

Smart window shades You can now control shades from your smartphone, allowing you to open and shut them at any time of day from anywhere. In addition to allowing you to close your shades from work with the smartphone app, this technology also allows you to schedule opening and shutting at any time. It's fairly expensive, but with it you can create detailed schedules of opening and shutting that will then be carried out automatically, which is pretty cool.  

Solar energy production "Solar coating" has been used as another term for window tinting, but it recently got much more literal. Window coatings have recently been developed that can catch light and transform it into solar energy. And some other companies are working on making windows that have solar power production capacity built in between the panes of glass. These coatings and solar windows aren't commercially available yet, since they still need some work before their performance makes them commercially viable, but hopefully they'll soon be ready for the consumer market, so keep them in mind for next time you're thinking of window tinting or replacement.  

These technologies can help you stay more comfortable in your home in extreme weather, make you less dependent on your HVAC system, and even help you take a step in the direction of a passive cooling home. In addition, they can add privacy, help you produce your own energy, and block harmful UV rays. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like