Add These Features When Upgrading Your Office's Electrical System

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If you work in an old office building and have been struggling with the inadequate electrical system, it's time to do some upgrading and get the place rewired. In addition to ensuring every outlet is grounded and that there are enough amps to supply the office with sufficient power, there are a few other upgrades you should make now. While these might seem like extras that aren't necessary, they may become very necessary in the next few years.

Surplus Amps

Your new electrical system should have plenty of power for all the outlets in your office. However, take the opportunity now to install as much power as you can. While appliances and gadgets might be getting more efficient, society is using more and more of them as time goes on. In many cases, those efficient gadgets still pull quite a bit of power. Rather than putting in enough power now to supply what you use now, think ahead and add as much power as is possible. That way, you won't have to upgrade again for a longer time.

USB Combination Outlets

As you add and change outlets, consider putting in combination electrical and USB outlets. These allow people to charge devices like phones without taking up outlet spaces. Plus, with the recent rumors that USB ports might be disappearing from a well-known computer brand, people are going to need some way to easily charge or power USB devices because not everyone is going to run out and get new technology because a computer company decided to eliminate the ports.

Magnetic Light Switches

Storage rooms that remain closed up for long times can often be a drain on energy bills because someone in the office forgets to turn off the light switch before closing up the room. Install magnetic switches that turn lights on when the halves of the switch are separated and that turn off the lights when the halves are reunited when the door closes. Be sure that the storage room door has a working stop, though — you don't want someone trapped in the dark there if the door accidentally closes on them.

You may also want to look at adding USB-C chargers to walls — USB-C is the successor to USB — and changing light fixtures to accommodate LED bulbs rather than long fluorescent bulbs that contain mercury. Talk to industrial electrical contractors, such as those found at Arts Electric, about what they can install and what other upgrades your office might benefit from.