How To Maintain Wooden Impact Windows

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Wooden impact windows are in need of constant maintenance, if you want them to remain energy efficient, airtight and easy to operate. If you fail to treat your wooden sashes, you could end up losing money through increased utility bills. Because of this, many people are afraid to invest in wooden windows. However, if you do the basic maintenance, what is a window product that will look great and last for many years. This article explains the best way to sand and prepare your wooden windows for a new stain job. As you'll see, the maintenance is simple if you do it often and don't let your would go untreated for too long.

Keep an Eye on the Exterior Side of Your Windows

The key to maintaining wooden windows is to pay special attention to the exterior side of the window. Since this comes in contact with the most moisture, it will wear down and show signs of aging earlier than the interior side. Most people don't regularly get a close up view of their windows. They might see the inside of the sash on a daily basis, but the exterior sashes, especially those on the second level might look fine from far away. You might need to get up on the ladder and have a closer look at your windows to see if they are in need of treatment.

Sanding the Surface

First thing you need to do to reseal your windows is to sand the surface. Even if you are just going to restain your windows the same color as they currently are, you need to smooth out the surface before applying the stain. The goal of sanding is not to remove all of the existing stain or paint, but to ensure that the surface is consistently smooth. If the surface is consistent, the new stain will dry more evenly and look more professional. If you're going to sand your sashes without removing them from the frame, you should just use a handheld sponge sander. If you try to use a power sander, you could end up scratching the frame and causing a little bit of collateral damage. Remember, you don't have to remove all of the stain, so a power sander is probably unnecessary.

Don't be discouraged if sanding your sashes takes a long time. In fact, it will probably take longer than actually applying the stain. If your windows are properly prepped, you will have few issues when it comes time to apply the new stain. Click for more information.