Four Safety Advantages Of Rental Equipment

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Most business owners are aware that an equipment rental or tool rental can save money. But there are additional advantages to renting equipment rather than purchasing equipment -- such as safety. Here are a few of the ways that rental equipment may be able to improve upon employee and work site safety standards.

1. Better and More Consistent Maintenance

A rental company is in the business of ensuring that its equipment and tools are regularly serviced and maintained. This can contrast with employees, who may have other tasks and may not be as interested in properly following safety check lists and protocols. Much of equipment failure and safety hazards can be attributed to poor maintenance or not noticing that the equipment is worn or broken.

2. Equipment and Tool Instructions

Rental equipment companies often provide extensive instructions and support for each of their machines. This gives employees additional information about the safe operation of the product. Many mistakes, errors, and accidents can be attributed to simply using a tool improperly. In addition to tutorials, equipment rental companies may also provide hands-on coaching and education from their experienced professionals. 

3. Larger Ranges of Equipment

Many employees may only be familiar with certain types of equipment, such as a specific brand or even a model. Rather than forcing employees to work with equipment and tools they are not familiar with, a company can instead lease exactly the model of rental equipment that the employee is used to working with. This also means that the right tool can be chosen for each application and job, thereby reducing the potential for misuse.

4. Newer and Better Equipment

Finally, construction companies can usually afford to spend only a certain amount on their equipment. An advantage of rental equipment is that the company can lease newer, better equipment than they could otherwise afford to purchase. Newer safety systems are almost always preferred, and new safety breakthroughs are being made all the time. Simply having newer equipment can improve upon the safety of employees.

Safety is a critical aspect of all construction companies. Through the use of equipment rentals, companies may be able to sidestep many of the safety and liability issues that are generally associated with a project. If issues do arise with the rental equipment itself, the rental company will be able to address the issue directly rather than the construction company having to determine the fault.