What Can You Do To Remove Mold And Mildew From Your Rain Gutters?

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Mildew growth on rain gutters is unsightly. Luckily, it's also avoidable. With basic cleaning products and proper maintenance, you can remove the mildew from your gutters and keep it away when you're done.

What can you do to remove mold and mildew from your rain gutters?

Mix together equal parts vinegar and water into a bucket, then dip a sponge into the solution and wipe down the gutters with the sponge. Let the solution soak on the gutters for a few minutes (much of it will drip off, but this is alright) while you fill a spray bottle with the vinegar and water. Then, spray the gutters with the vinegar and water solution. Use a soft bristle scrub brush to scrub away the mildew. When you're finished, use a strong jet of water from a hose to rinse the last of the vinegar off of the gutters. Don't use a power washer, as this may damage the rain gutters or cause them to become loose.

What can you do to prevent the mold and mildew from returning?

Mold and mildew grows best in places where it is dark, moist and cool. To prevent mold from becoming a regular problem, you can do the following:

For more information about how you can prevent the growth of mildew on your gutters, talk to your rain gutter contractor (like those at A - 1 Seamless Gutters Inc or a similar location) when he or she performs regular gutter maintenance.