Storm Windows Are Great For Any Home

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Installing windows in your home is a very expensive, nonetheless smart remodel. Although the project is costly, it has numerous benefits that will ultimately increase the value of your home. New windows are also much more energy efficient, especially if your home is very old, so you can make your household a little cheaper to run. If you are in the market for the most energy efficient option, you should consider storm windows. Reinforced storm windows are not only for properties in regions where severe storms, natural disasters, flooding and extreme temperatures exist. They can also be very useful for homes in mild climates. This article explains the various advantages of investing in storm windows.

Stronger Construction

In general, storm windows are stronger in every way. They have reinforced glass, stronger hinges, denser sashes and all around greater durability. This is advantageous to homeowners with children who are rough on everything. But the biggest advantages of these reinforced windows is the fact that they are so much more energy efficient in almost every way.

More Efficient Glass Panes

Storm windows are built with two or three glass panes. But, it is not just the amount of glass that makes them more efficient. The space between each pane is filled with argon gas which helps immensely with thermal efficiency. Also, these panes are made out of tempered glass, which is much stronger and less likely to break. Whether you live in a cold, or hot climate, storm windows with tempered glass will increase the efficiency of that window. You will not feel a cold burst of air when you walk by a closed window.

Extra Insulation in the Sashes

Storm windows are not always made out of the same material. The most popular storm window products are made out of vinyl or fiberglass. These materials are ideal for storm window construction because they are lightweight and thick. The window sashes are usually hollow, which allows them to be packed with more insulation. The insulation inside a hollow frame can be custom tailored to fit the needs of your particular climate. You should refer to the R-value table for windows when determining what is best for your home. This is a measurement of the recommended level of insulation, depending on where you live on the map.

As you can see, you don't need to live in Alaska to enjoy the benefits of storm windows. Contact a company like Miller Roofing & Guttering Inc. to learn more.