4 Signs That May Be Warning You That Your Garage Door Is Not Working Properly

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You likely use your garage door on a daily basis, so it goes through a lot of wear and tear. This means over time problems can develop. Finding these problems early can help you save money, as the problem can become much worse. This would result in more extensive repairs. Below are three things you should watch out for that may indicate your garage door needs your attention.

Will Not Close All the Way

If your close your garage door and there is even a small gap at the bottom, not only can water seep into your garage, but heat can escape out of it. Small animals could also crawl into your garage and wreak havoc.  One thing that can cause this problem is the garage door tracks. One of the tracks could be bent close to the bottom, or the chain could have a kink in it. It is important that you get this problem resolved, as your garage door will have to work harder when trying to close, which could lead to more serious problems, such as with the motor of the garage door opener.

Noisy When Opening and Closing

Your garage door will make sounds when opening and closing, especially if you have an older garage. Still, the door should not be overly noisy. If you hear more noise than you usually do, you may have a problem with the garage door opener, the springs, or the opener bracket.

Door is Shaking

If your garage door is shaking when you open or close it, this could be due to many reasons. In some cases, this is a sign that that there is a problem with the belt drive, chain, or there may be a loose screw somewhere in the mechanisms. The garage door may also be off balance, or the hinges and springs may be faulty.

Opens and Closes Slowly

Your garage door should always open and close at the same speed. If your door suddenly starts opening and closing slower than it normally does, you may have a blockage. It may also be a problem with the remote garage door opener, or there could be a problem with the connection between the control panel and the garage door.

If you notice any of the above signs, contact a garage door repair technician to either repair your garage door or replace it with a brand new one.