Three Uses For A Glass Room Addition To Your Home

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Glass room additions help you expand your home's square footage and bring plenty of sunlight into your home. While using the area as a sun room is an obvious choice, there are other uses that can create stunning spaces for your home. Use these ideas to inspire your home upgrade and bring functionality to your glass addition.

Dining Nook

Use your glass addition as a casual dining nook to create an alternative to using your formal dining room for every meal. The space makes a bright, sunny area to enjoy a morning cup of coffee, and it offers a romantic backdrop for dining at sunset. Place a small bistro-style table and chairs in the room, and anchor the decor with a contemporary area rug. Add a sideboard or buffet for storing stemware and dinnerware, and keep a few bottles of wine in a wine storage cabinet for impromptu dinner parties.

Indoor Spa

Your glass room addition makes a beautiful space for an indoor spa. Add a hot tub to the room to create a stunning area for enjoying the sunset as you relax at the end of a long day. Add a large-screen TV to the wall for viewing your favorite movies as you soak in the tub, and keep a towel warmer in the room to add to the spa-like ambiance in the room. You can also place a chaise lounge and love seat to create a cozy seating area in your spa room. Potted plants and indoor trees can help to bring a more tropical vibe to the space.

Billiard Room

Take your pool table out of the basement and create a billiard room in your glass addition. Place the table in the center of the room, and add a small bar and bar stools to the wall for entertaining when guests come over. Keep it stocked with beverages so your room is ready for visitors. If space allows, you can also add a poker table and chair set for game nights. Work with your contractor to add track lighting along the wall that can be pointed at the two tables for ample lighting at night.

Glass additions help you to create a beautiful, bright space in your home while giving you a bit of extra room to work with. For more information about glass additions and other projects, contact Sauer & Sons Construction or a similar company.