How To Use Spray Foam On Window Frames

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Old window fixtures often have problems with leaking air. The frame around the fixture is usually hollow and covered by decorative molding. If you have a hollow cavity underneath the molding around your windows, you can fill it with spray in foam insulation. Spraying foam insulation is very effective and very easy to use. This article explains how to use spraying foam on hollow wooden window frames. 

Drilling the Holes and Applying the Foam

The first step is to drill holes into the molding. You will need to drill two holes on each piece of molding. On vertical pieces, you will want a hole at the very top and another at the bottom. On the horizontal pieces, you can drill holes on each side. The holes should be just a little bigger than the nozzle, so don't drill the holes until you have the insulation cans. You can get easy to use pressurized cans from most home improvement stores. The can will say what level of insulation it adds. The thicker and more effective insulation products are usually more expensive, so choose the product that is right for your climate.

Start by spraying the insulation in to the top piece of molding. Spray until the foam starts to come out of the other hole. At this point, you should stop and move onto the vertical pieces. On the vertical pieces, you should spray into the top hole first. Once again, spray until the foam comes out of the bottom hole. Wipe away the extra foam before it dries.

Patching and Painting the Holes

The final step is to patch the holes and repaint the molding. In most cases, you will be able to easily patch the holes with traditional putty. However, if you had to drill holes that are over 1/2", you might need to fill the hole with a wood patch. When all the holes are patched, you will need to finish the job with a simple paint job. For the most uniform paint finish, you should paint the entire frame. If you just paint over the patched holes, there will be problems with the new paint matching the old, faded paint.

This project is cheap and simple, yet it can have great improvements for the functionality of your window fixtures. They will be much more efficient and you won't even need to spend too much money on the project. Visit Specialty Insulation if you would like a professional's help with spray foam insulation.