Ooh La La: 3 French-Inspired Remodeling Choices

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When remodeling your home, it's helpful to hang on one set decor style or another to give your home a distinctive yet cohesive feel. And if you have a bent towards a clean home full of simple elegance, then why not lean into the French style? Once you decide on a decor style, the only question that remains is how to implement it without having to spend a fortune

White Accents

The three most important words when it comes to French decor are simplicity, cleanliness, and elegance. White paint used as an accent is the perfect vehicle to achieve all of these aims without having to entirely redo your decor and furniture. 

To best employ this French-inspired design staple, focus on baseboards, door frames, and other spots in your home where an accent color seems natural. Use painter's tape in order to ensure clean lines, and use the purest white you can find in order to make sure the contrast between your main, more saturated colors. While not required to pull off this look, some sort of molding or design along your accent places can increase the visual interest and make your decor even more elegant.

French Doors

Unlike french fries, French doors actually do fit in with their titular country of origin. Made primarily of glass, French doors give a very French sort of airiness to any room, whether the doors lead outside and provide a room with natural light, or whether they simply exist to divide a room into two pieces. As an added bonus, these gorgeous fixtures also add to the resale value of your home, making them a smart choice from every angle.

In order to best take advantage of these chic doors, use them in place of a regular window in a room without a lot of natural light. They can open either onto your yard, a balcony, or even just to a small garden outside, and make a room automatically look far bigger and more open.

Mediterranean Colors

Because of its location within Europe, France tends to take a lot of cues from the Mediterranean in home decor, colorwise. Distressed and less pigmented greens, reds, and yellows are not only popular but integral in achieving this rather Provencal-inspired look.

The easiest way to achieve this color palette without having to paint and repaint is to invest in small amounts of paint usually available in sample cans. Then take a small spot of wall and ensure that the specific shades of red, green, and yellow that you wish to employ don't clash, and offer the distinct feel you're working towards. Pop over to this website for more information about French doors.