Ductless AC Over Central Air

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Cooling a home through the summer is a necessary cost, it is also one of the biggest costs that you have to contend with as a homeowner. In order to keep costs down, you need to think about targeting your cooling to keep your costs down. While central air can push cool air to every room in your house, ductless heating may offer a more efficient option for cooling a home. 

Limitations of Central Air

With a central air system, you will have a set of evaporator coils on the inside of your home, and a set of condenser coils on the outside. The evaporator coils will be located in a central location from which they can push cold air to every room in your house. This means that no matter whether you are using every room or not, it will push air to every room. Central air will also have one central thermostat, so rooms in the basement of your home or rooms that stay colder for whatever reason will receive the cold air needed to cool down the rooms that get hot. This can cause arguments over what the thermostat should be set to. Finally, the ducts that carry air to the rooms of your house can leak, which can decrease the efficiency of your system by up to 40%

The Advantages of a Ductless System

A ductless AC system will have one condenser unit located outside of your home and up to four small evaporator units located on the inside of your home. You can then place these units in the rooms that you most use or that most need cooling. Each unit will push cold air directly into the room that needs cooling, so you don't have to worry about losing cold air through your ducts. Each unit will also have its own dedicated thermostat, so you can adjust the temperature for each room individually. You can also shut off the AC to a room that is not in use. 

The main drawback of a ductless AC unit is that you only have a maximum of four evaporator units for each unit. Thus, if you have more than four rooms that need cooling, you either need a central/air system, or you need to buy more than one ductless AC system. However, if you have a small home, or only a few rooms that you use on a regular basis, you can use a ductless AC system to target the cooling in your home and save money on your AC costs. 

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