PEX Piping – Taking The Frustration Out Of Repiping Your Home

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Even the smallest repiping repair is a big job. If your home plumbing is in need of repiping work, there is one thing that could reduce the cost and the complications of the repair – PEX piping.

Description of PEX

PEX piping is flexible, plastic piping that is installed in place of the typical plumbing piping. Unlike other piping, PEX piping will bend and curve to fit into places that other piping would require special parts and soldering to complete.

Benefits of PEX

The most enjoyed benefit of PEX is the reduced cost for repiping projects. When a plumber writes out an estimate for a repiping job, you will see two numbers – one for labor and one for materials. The good thing about PEX piping is that you will see smaller numbers in both areas. PEX require much less work to install, and the material costs less than the typical copper piping used in many homes.

Another benefit is that PEX piping can be connected directly to the existing piping in your house. A few attachment pieces and your older plumbing can match up to the PEX piping in no time.

Lastly, the decreased chance of leaks in the PEX piping is another wonderful benefit. Since there are fewer fittings in the piping, there are less chances of leaks occurring due to failing seals.

Cost of PEX

There are many variables that come into play when calculating an exact cost, but on average, PEX repiping jobs costs $1.500–$8,000. Repiping a house with traditional piping costs $7,500–$15,000. That is a pretty substantial savings.

The actual cost of your PEX repiping job will depend on how big of a job it is – how easily are your plumbing pipes accessed? How much of the piping needs to be replaced? How much refinishing work will need to be completed after the plumbing work is finished?

Disadvantages of PEX

There are two disadvantages that you should be aware of:

PEX piping is a DIYer's dream material. It takes so much of the work out of repiping jobs and can make repairs that would otherwise be painful, expensive and difficult much easier. Think about how much easier it would be to replace two straight pipes and an elbow with one long piece of PEX piping.