Three Reasons Not To Pass Up Metal Roofing

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Metal roofing has become increasingly common for residential use. However, when you're considering options for your new roof and you see that it's price tag is higher than that of an asphalt roof, it's all too easy to pass it up. Unfortunately, by only considering the upfront cost, you could be missing out on a really great roofing choice for your home. Here's three reasons to consider giving metal roofing a second glance, in spite of its higher cost.

You might qualify for tax credits or deductions.

Metal roofing is very eco-friendly – for a number of reasons. It's often made from recycled materials, it can be recycled again when you're done with it, and it lowers your cooling costs because it's so great at reflecting heat. Thanks to these benefits, many municipalities and states have begun offering tax credits and deductions for those who choose metal roofing for their homes. Your roofing company can tell you more about the specific programs in your area. You may find that metal roofing is more affordable than you assumed after you take these tax breaks into account – and you'll be doing the environment a favor, too.

You'll probably never have to replace your roof again.

Having a roof replaced can be quite a hassle. Think about the position you'll be in 20 or 30 years from now. Do you think you'll feel like going through the process of replacing your roof (and paying for it) again? If the answer is "no," then you should certainly opt for metal roofing. With a life expectancy of 40 to 70 years, you'll probably never have to replace your metal roof again. One metal roof may, in fact, be cheaper than the two or three asphalt roofs you go through during this time period.

Metal roofs are very low-maintenance.

When you have a traditional shingle roof, you can count on it needing repairs later in its life, as the shingles start to wear out. Fixing leaks can be time consuming if you do it yourself, and costly if you hire a roofing company. You also have to worry about moss and algae growth if you have trees overhanging your roof – keeping moss off of asphalt shingles can be very frustrating.

Metal roofs, since they consist of a few large panels, are less likely to leak. They also will not mold. Some metal roofs need to be re-sprayed with anti-rust compounds every few years, but if you don't want to undergo even this amount of maintenance, you can purchase a slightly more expensive zinc-alloy roof that will never rust.

Don't pass by a metal roof just because they cost a little more than traditional shingles. You'll likely find that the benefits you experience are well worth that higher cost. Contact a local roofer, like David Construction, LLC, for more information.