3 Ways To Makeover Your Brick Fireplace

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If you have a brick fireplace in your house that is a little on the outdated side, don't take a sledgehammer to it just yet. You can cover that old fireplace and get rid of the orange or red brick with paint or stain. See below for instructions on how to makeover your brick fireplace to give it a more updated look.

1. Whitewash

Whitewashing isn't a full paint covering over your brick. It still allows some color to show through, but mutes the tones.

  1. First, you'll need to give your brick a nice wipe down. Use a clean, damp cloth to dust your bricks to get rid of cobwebs, dust or any loose mortar. Be sure to also wipe down the grout lines as well.
  2. Next, mix your paint. You'll use your paint color (you can use plain white, or you can give it a gray or beige tint) mixed with water, so 1 part paint and equal part of water. Mix the two together thoroughly.
  3. Taking a straight edge paint brush, begin painting in small sections of your brick. Be sure to get into the grout lines as well. Don't worry if you don't cover the entire brick, as you are just whitewashing, not covering the brick.
  4. After you paint a small 3 x 3 section, take a clean cloth or a paper towel to dab at the paint on the bricks. You want to get a little of the brick to show through. Dab until you get the desired look.

Extra Tip:

2. Paint

  1. Wipe down your fireplace to get rid of loose dust and dirt.
  2. Fill in any noticeable holes with caulk, and caulk around the edges of your fireplace to give it nice straight lines.
  3. Prime your brick fireplace with a good priming paint and a paintbrush. Prime the brick and the grout lines. Priming first will help cover the color of your bricks, which means less coats of paint later. Allow the primer to dry completely.
  4. Finally, cover the bricks and grout lines with the paint color of your choice. Allow the paint to dry and apply a second coating if necessary.

3. Stain

Staining your bricks is a good idea if you like the color of your grout lines. If you don't like the color of your grout, you may need to paint those separately. Be sure again to wipe down your bricks and grout lines before starting.

  1. Pick out a concrete stain in the color you desire.
  2. Follow any mixing instructions on the can of the concrete stain and pour it into a paint tray.
  3. Using a paintbrush the same width of your brick, begin applying the stain to each brick separately. Be sure none of the stain drips into the grout lines.
  4. Work your way from the top of the fireplace, down to the bottom.
  5. Allow the first coating to dry and apply a second or third coat if necessary. Brick is porous and will absorb the stain, so more than one coat may be necessary.

Making over your brick fireplace is fairly simple to do and will give it an entirely new look you are sure to love. If any bricks are missing, be sure to replace them before painting.