2 Remodeling Projects That Can Make Your Home Safer

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Remodeling a home is a fantastic way to increase the property's value, but it can also be a great way to make your home much more secure and safe. When remodeling a home with safety in mind, it is very important that you consider replacing your windows and roof.     

Replacing Your Windows

Your home's windows are one of the biggest safety issues in your home, mostly because they provide little protection against intrusion. A determined intruder will be most likely to enter your home through a window because it is much faster and quieter than attempting to break through a door. However, you can avoid this problem by replacing all of your windows with impact-resistant windows.

Impact-resistant windows will be able to protect your home from intruders because they are built with two panes of glass enclosing a type of sticky film. The sticky film will keep pieces of glass in the frame in the event that the window is broken.

This forces any potential intruders to not only break the two pieces of glass but to also have to tear their way through the film that is holding the glass in place. The end result is that the intruder will have to take much longer to get into your house, which increases the chances that he or she will get caught.

Impact-resistant windows will also protect you and your family in the event of a major storm. In that situation, the impact-resistant glass will be able to prevent shards of glass from being blown into the home if the window is struck by debris during the storm. A nice added bonus to installing impact-resistant windows is that your insurance company may be willing to lower your home insurance premiums once they have been installed.

Replacing The Roof

Finally, you will also want to consider replacing your roof as some roofing materials can greatly increase the chances of your home surviving a fire in your area. For example, slate and copper roofing materials are extremely fire-resistant.

When a fire spreads from home to home, it often does so when embers or sparks hop from a neighboring rooftop onto yours. However, with a slate or copper roof, any spark or ember that jumps to your roof will not have anything to ignite. 

Speak to a contractor today to discuss which remodeling projects he or she recommends to increase your home's safety and security. A new roof can protect your home and family from neighborhood fires. New windows are ideal if you want to make your home harder to break into, or simply want to protect your home and family from debris during a major storm.