How To Pull Dents Out Of Your Car Using A Stud Welder Gun

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You should take the time to remove the dents in your car before you get it painted. If you are looking to save a little money on doing body work on the car, you can remove the dents yourself using a stud weld gun. Here is how you can remove dents using a stun weld gun:

You Will Need:

Preparing the Surface

You will need to remove all the clear coat and paint from the surface of the car where the dent is so you can weld the draw pins to bare metal. Place a 24-grit grinding wheel on a hand-held grinder and work the area around the dent until all surface materials are removed. You'll want to keep the grinder moving in a circular motion to avoid overheating the surface metal (which can cause the metal to warp), and grinding too far down into the metal (which can cause dips in the surface).

Grinding will cause a lot of dust and tiny metal particles to fill the air. You should make sure you are wearing safety glasses and a breathing mask when operating a grinder.

Placement of Draw Pins

The stud weld gun has a hole in the tip where you place the draw pins. Put a draw pin into the hole and press the stud weld gun against the surface of the metal inside the dent. Press the trigger on the stud weld gun for no more than 3 seconds, or until you see a white flash appear from under the point of the gun, to avoid overheating the metal. You should place pins along the center and edges of the dent.

Pulling the Dent Out

You'll want to pull the dent out by starting on the outer edges and working in toward the center of the dent. Place the slide hammer over one of the outer pins and work the hammer until that part of the dent comes even with the undamaged surface of the car. Repeat this process on the other pins until the dent has been removed.

Finishing Touches

You can use a pair of side cutting pliers to cut the pins off at the point of contact with the metal. Take your grinder and work over the area where the dent was to remove the remnants of the pins and smooth the surface of the metal. You are done.

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