How To Know That You Need To Pump Your Septic System

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You can choose to follow a regular schedule when tracking when you should pump your septic system. However, if you want to be absolutely sure of when you should pump it, you should pay close attention to both the septic system itself and other symptoms throughout your home to find out when you will need to pump your septic system. Otherwise, you will have drain field problems that can lead to an early septic system failure.

Consider Pumping Every Two Years

After two years have passed, you should have your septic system pumped. While you may not notice any differences in your septic tank, there are problems that can emerge that are not obvious. You may have a leak or backup problem you are not aware of.

Possibly Get an Electronic Monitor

Consider getting an electronic monitor that will let you know when the septic system has become too full. These are best for homeowners who have had problems with their septic systems in the past, but might be unnecessary for well-functioning septic systems. Since you will know how often you will need to pump your septic system, this monitoring system can save you money because you will not need to have your septic system pumped as often.

Look for Common Warning Signs of a Clog

The most common visible sign that you need to pump your septic tank is that you notice a pool of water forming. While pooling water can be the result of too much rain, if the water pools near the drainfield, it is more likely the result of the septic system. This results from the leach field becoming clogged and this leads to the septic system filling up with sludge. The waste is not passing through the soil properly, so this is a health hazard. Also, if you notice that your toilets move slowly or frequently back up, there are bad odors inside your home that you cannot explain, or if you discover an excessive number of nitrates in your well water after testing, have your septic system pumped.

Consider Your Lifestyle

You may need to have your septic tank pumped more often depending on your lifestyle. If you have a garbage disposal, this will contribute to the amount of bio-matter that ends up in your septic system. Sewage ejector pumps sometimes make it necessary to pump more frequently. Also, the more frequently you do the laundry, the more often you will need to pump because you will use more water and also add detergent to the septic system.

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