Why You Need To Hire A Pest Control Company After A Hoarder Has Lived In Your Apartment Building

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Having a hoarder living in your apartment building can create a huge health risk for the other tenants in the building. When someone hoards items, it often leads to decaying food being left throughout the residence. This can attract many different types of pests that can carry diseases and cause health issues for tenants. The following guide walks you through a few pests that may be living in your apartment building if you have a tenant who is a hoarder.


Mice are often attracted to the food that may be decaying in the hoarder's home. The droppings left behind by the mouse can cause respiratory issues for the tenants in the building. The mice can be living in the walls, ceilings, and even under the building without you even knowing about it. Setting out traps to capture the mice after the hoarder has left is often not enough to stop the problem. When the hoard is gone, they will start searching through the building for other sources of food.


Roaches are attracted to rotting food as well. Roaches can quickly take over the apartment of the hoarder within a matter of just a few days if there is a constant food supply in the area. The roaches will not stay contained to that apartment though. They will quickly move on to other areas of the building and could eventually take over the entire building if they are not managed right away. Cockroaches spread bacteria and diseases that can be deadly to humans.


Hoarders often pick up items that they find lying on the side of the road or in dumpsters. People who have bedbug infestations often throw large items, such as mattresses and sofas in the garbage instead of trying to get rid of the bedbugs that are living on them because it is easier to toss them. Hoarders will often be excited by the fact that they found something that seems to still have use left and will not take the time to properly inspect the item before bringing it into the building. That means that the bedbugs living on the item are brought into the building and start taking it over right away. Bedbugs can spread staph infections throughout the buildings within a very short period of time, if they are not properly fumigated quickly.

If you have a hoarder living in the building, the first thing you need to do is evict them from the building. Have the hoard removed from the building right away. Next, you need to hire a commercial pest control company to get rid of the pests in the building. They will be able to tell what pests are residing in the building so they can properly clear the building to make it pest free as quickly as possible.