Three Options To Give Your Home The Look Of A Shake Roof

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You may like the look of wooden shakes for roofing, but in some climates, they are not an ideal material to use. In dry climates, you may want to use synthetic shake materials that are fire-resistant or water-resistant shakes in wet climates. There are many different types of materials to choose from to give your roof a shake look. Here are three great choices for a shake style roof for your home without using real shakes:

1. Metal Shakes For Roofing That Is Fire And Water Resistant

If you want to use a material that can be resistant to any climate, metal shakes are a great choice. These materials will give you the benefits of metal roofing with the look of shakes. They can last a lot longer than other materials and are very fire resistant. This is an excellent choice for dry climates that require durable roofing solutions. These stamped metal panels can come in a variety of different finishes to give you the look of various wood materials.

2. Composite Rubber Shakes For Durable Roofing Solution

Another good choice for synthetic shakes is a composite rubber material. These shakes are made out of materials like recycled plastics, tires and wood waste. There are various different manufactures, which the products many vary. Some materials can be mostly rubber, while others may be made from plastic and wood materials. These materials are great for wet climates and are resistant to water. These materials will vary in the expected lifespan, depending on the materials used to make them and the manufacturer.

3. Treated Wood Shakes For Application In Different Climates

There are also real wood materials that can be used as an alternative to conventional shakes. Either these materials are treated with a fire-retardant or pressure treated depending on the needs of the climate where they are being installed. If you want to use real wood materials, this is a good option to give you a durable wood shingle roof.  You will be able to stain these shakes any color you want to give your roof a different look. Many of these materials even come pre-stained and just need to be installed on your roof.

These are some wood shake alternatives to use on your home when real wood cannot be used. If you want to have the look of shake on your home, contact a professional roofing contractor (such as one from McCullers Roofing) and ask them about some of these options for the shakes on your home.