2 Creative Ways To Increase Your Home's Useable Space

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Adding useable space to your home is easier to do if you know which areas to remodel. Getting a little creative with the space you already have is one good way to accomplish this goal. However, before you start, it is important to look through your options, so you have a better idea of how to create more useable space in your home.

Change Attic Space

When you have a large attic that you can access from inside of your home through a door or a set of stairs, it is a good idea to finish this area. You can enhance the space by adding a sturdy sub-floor, insulation, drywall and ventilation. After framing out the room, you can add windows and lighting so the space does not feel like a closet.

Once you complete the basic design for the room, you can choose flooring such as wood, carpeting or tile. The rest of the design options you choose will depend on how you plan to use the room. For example, if the room will be for crafts, you want to add tables, shelves and storage containers for your supplies.

Out of all the changes you can make to your home, this one will require more work. In most areas, you first need to get the space inspected, because there a laws governing how big a room needs to be and the amenities the space requires.

Remodel Your Stairs

Under your stairs is a plethora of useable space that you can turn into a closet. However, to create a new closet space, you need to adjust the interior underneath your staircase. This method also works for an open staircase design which would involve less work.

With an enclosed staircase, the area below it is empty, but a wall blocks you from accessing this portion of the room. With this project, you need a contractor to remove the existing drywall and make a frame for the new closet. The framework will support the new drywall for the sides of the closet and allow you to place a door.

When you have an open space below the staircase already, you will only need the contractor to build the frame and add a door. Additionally, you can have the contractor install shelves for storage and add a light to the closet as well.

Remodeling your entire home to get more space may not be a feasible option. For this reason, you need to think of creative ways to change your existing space. By taking the opportunity to look through these options, you may just find the right method for giving you more useable space. For more information, speak with experts like Crist & Sons Contractors, Inc.