2 Reasons To Get A Fire Sprinkler System In Your Home

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The best time to think about protecting your family and your belongings is when you are in the process of building a home. During this time, you will have the option of adding security and safety features to the home, and the costs to do these things will be cheaper now than if you wait until the house is finished.

One of the safety features you should consider adding is a fire sprinkler system, and here are two reasons you may want to get a system like this in your home:

They are effective

Despite the benefits offered by home fire sprinklers systems, only approximately 2% of all new houses built have one installed. Even though these systems are not extremely popular, they are worth the price. When your home has a fire sprinkler system, your house will have pipes running through the walls and ceilings, and each room will contain a sensor.

The nice part about these sensors is that they are only affected by heat produced from fire. Another nice aspect is that they are all individually wired in. Because of this, a sprinkler will only turn on when it senses heat. This means that the only room that will get water sprayed in it is the room with the fire.

As soon as heat is detected, water turns on and the fire is extinguished. This takes place so much faster than the normal way fires are extinguished, and it eliminates the need for you to decide what to do when you discover a fire in your house. It also reduces the risks of injuries due to house fires.

Your family will be protected if you have a home fire sprinkler system, and this system will also protect your home and its contents.

You may get an insurance discount

As you consider installing a fire sprinkler system in your home, you should realize that it will not only offer safety benefits for your family. It could also offer lower rates on your home insurance policy. In fact, insurance companies generally offer discounts for any types of safety features installed in a home, and this includes home security systems and home fire sprinkler systems.

The amount of the discount varies, but the average discount rate is around 7%. The average price to get a system installed is around $5,000, but you can shop around for the best rates.

To learn more about fire sprinkler systems, contact a contractor that installs them. This is a great way to learn more about the costs involved and options with home fire sprinkler systems.