4 Tips To Keep Employees Safe When Working At Higher Heights

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If your employees work on cranes or otherwise work at higher heights, then safety is probably something that you're worried about. Even if your employees are careful, there's always a chance that they could get injured if you don't take the proper precautions. Luckily, following these tips will help keep everyone safe. Not only will you feel better in knowing that your employees are as safe as possible, but you also won't have to worry as much about lawsuits or other issues.

1. Invest in High-Quality Fall Protection Equipment

When it comes to fall protection equipment -- such as harnesses and pullies -- then you shouldn't skimp. Instead, go ahead and invest in the highest-rated safety equipment that you can purchase. Also, make a point to replace equipment as it becomes worn out, and have your employees inspect their fall protection equipment on a daily basis before use.

2. Host a Safety Class

Even if your employees have experience working at higher heights, you should put them through a safety class. If you have a lot of employees, you can hire a workplace safety company to send out a professional to host these classes. Otherwise, you can send your employees to a local community college or trade school to take safety training classes that are designed for working at higher heights.

3. Take Safety Violations Seriously

Don't let your employees get away with safety violations. If you find an employee is not wearing his or her safety equipment or is otherwise violating the basic safety rules, then it's important to have a talk with the employee. Also, have rules in place for the consequences of breaking these rules, such as suspension without pay. Although it might seem a little harsh, doing so will help set an example and will help prevent other employees from breaking the same rules.

4. Do Daily Inspections

As mentioned above, it's important to provide high-quality protection equipment that is inspected regularly for safety. Harnesses and hard hats aren't the only things that should be inspected frequently, however. It's also important to inspect your cranes, hoists and more on a daily basis to help prevent injury.

As you can see, there are things that you can do to help keep your employees safe at higher heights. If you keep these tips in mind, you will be able to keep everyone safe while still getting the work done each day.

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