3 Excellent Reasons Why A Senior Bathtub Is A Great Purchase For Seniors With Limited Mobility

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As you get older, your mobility also begins to decrease. Things that were once easy for you are now difficult, and may even be unsafe. In order to make sure that you do not get hurt in your own home, it is important to modify the way that you do many things. You may even find that you need to purchase some items for your home to make your tasks of daily living much safer for you. A great item that can make your life much easier if you have mobility issues is a senior bathtub. This article will discuss 3 excellent reasons why you should purchase this type of bathtub.

They Have A Side Door For Easy Access

If getting into and out of the bathtub is difficult for you, then you will definitely benefit from having a senior tub with a side door. This door is located right on the outside of the tub, and can be easily opened and closed. Once the tub door is closed and locked into place, it will seal itself. This allows you to fill your tub full of water without worrying about any of it leaking out of the door. Once you are done with your bath, you can then drain the tub, and easily unlock and open the door to safely exit. 

They Have Railing All The Way Around The Tub

If you also have a hard time maneuvering yourself around when you are in the tub, as well as standing up and sitting, then the side rails of the tub will greatly benefit you. The rails are located on both sides of the tub, and extend from the top to the bottom. If you need a constant handhold while you are in the bathtub, then this rail will be right at seat height for you. You can also place as much weight as you need on the rails because they are built into the tub, and were specifically created to hold up your body weight.

They Have A Comfortable Head Rest

Perhaps the most comfortable feature of the senior bathtub is the headrest located at the top of the tub. This headrest has a leather covering over the top of it, and is oftentimes removable. This headrest will make it easier for you to sit back and relax in the tub if you have a hard time sitting upright, and it will simply allow you to stay in the tub longer without becoming uncomfortable. 

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