5 Things To Never Flush Down The Toilet

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If you have been dealing with frequent clogs of your toilet, it might not be due to an issue with the toilet itself, but what is being put down there. You probably know you shouldn't try to flush large items, but there are some things that tend to go down the toilet and shouldn't. Not only could you have clogs, but you could actually damage the sewer lines by putting the wrong items down your toilet. Here is a list of things you should never flush down the toilet.

Wipes and Makeup Removers

These little wipes look small and easy to flush, but they don't go down the pipes as easily as toilet paper. You should never flush makeup remover wipes, cleaning wipes, or moist towelettes. The confusion here is that a lot of wipes are used as an alternative to toilet paper, so people think it is okay to flush them. However, they often lead to clogs and backed-up toilets, so make sure you are only putting them in your trash can. You should also not flush baby wipes.

Cottons Balls and Swabs

Another common mistake made with toilets is that it is okay to flush cotton swabs and cotton balls. Yes, these items are very small and will usually go down if you flush them, but this doesn't mean they won't cause problems later. Due to their cotton material, they are very absorbent and become soggy when they go into the toilet. As they make their way through your sewer system, some will break down, and some won't. They eventually bind together in the pipes and cause a major blockage.

Dental Floss

Dental floss may seem very small and like the string will flush easily, but dental floss is not made of a biodegradable material. Not only does it not break down in the pipes, but it can wrap around other objects found when it is going through the pipeline. It can lead to blockages, and cause bigger clogs if you already have one. Keep a trash receptacle right next to the sink to avoid the temptation of flushing dental floss.

Prescription Medications

While most medications aren't going to clog your toilet if you flush them, they are terrible for the environment. Many prescription drugs contain ingredients that can cause bacteria, cause illness to wildlife that is downstream from the sewer pipe, and contaminate the water after they are flushed. It is best to dispose of these properly by throwing them away in a trash can.

Napkins and Paper Towels

If you have run out of toilet paper and need to grab a paper towel to wipe, make sure it goes in the trash can and not into the toilet. Paper towels and napkins are not made of the same thin material as toilet paper, and they are not biodegradable. You will have some major clogging problems if you try flushing them.

Make sure you are careful with what you put down the toilet as to not cause damage to the toilet, pipes, or sewer line. Contact a plumber if you believe a child or other member of your household flushed something they shouldn't have. For more information, visit http://cbrothers.com.