Alternative And Stylish Residential Driveway Gate Designs

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When you are looking to change or install a gate for your driveway, you will have several design options. You have simple and sleek options, though these may not suit the design ideas you have for your home. With this in mind, it is best to look into some of the alternative design concepts that may be better suited for your new residential driveway gate.

Intricate Wrought Iron Designs

There is a timeless look about wrought iron, but many gates made with this material have simple vertical rods connected with horizontal bars. When you prefer a more decorative option, you do not have to give up wrought iron to obtain the perfect gate. Instead, you can customize the gate with intricate wrought iron designs.

One design option you have is to use decorative pieces cut from thin sheets of wrought iron. These pieces are then welded together to create an intricate design that fits into the frame of your new gate. Some patterns you can consider are trees, flowers, large swirls or abstract shapes.

Additionally, you can use this method to make a semi-private gate that is ornamental in style. Traditional wrought iron gates have rods spaced evenly, which makes them easy to see through. Using this style, you would need a large number of bars to block people from looking into your yard. With the larger ornamental pieces of iron, you easily block people from looking into your yard and you add an accent piece for your property.

Wooden Lattice Options

Another common material option is wood for your new gate. This material offers you several design options that include solid panels that go either vertical or horizontal. When you want to use wood but have a more decorative gate, you should look into wooden lattice designs.

A lattice design is a simple crosshatch pattern where you choose the thickness of the wood and distance between each piece. For larger holes, you can use thinner pieces of wood and increase the distance between the slats. To get a more private gate, you do the opposite with the wooden pieces such as using thicker slats and decrease the space between each piece.

An added benefit for choosing this material is that wood is easy to paint or stain, so you can change its appearance whenever you desire. You can also pair this design concept with solid panels of wood, so that the lattice design is at the top of the gate, giving you a privacy gate for your driveway.

When you want a new gate for your home's driveway, you should look beyond the basic design concepts. By looking into the alternate design concepts, you may find it easier to choose a more stylish gate option for your driveway. Also, talk with a fence contractor, like Morris Fence Co, to see what options are best for your home and property.