3 Tips For Prolonging The Life Of Your Air Conditioning Unit

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Maintaining your air conditioning system is an important part of keeping it healthy and effective. If you don't continually take steps to care for it, it will not work as effectively, and it could even break. To prevent  repairs, performed by a company like Advanced Heating & Cooling, there are things you should be doing to prolong the life of your air conditioner.

1. Replace The Filters Often

Most people are not replacing their filters often enough. This is a simple fix and can completely change how well your air conditioner works. If you have a brand new air conditioner, and if you live in a place that is pretty clean and free of dust, you can go around 3-6 months without changing your filter. However, in most houses you have an older air conditioning unit and live around a great deal of dirt and dust. If this is the case for you, you should be replacing the filters every month. That's right, every 30 days there should be a new filter. If you don't, the AC unit will circulate dirty air, and will have a hard time functioning properly.

2. Remove All Debris From Your Outdoor Console

Another common problem that people have is that their outdoor console gets dirty. When the console becomes obstructed, it will not blow as well. In addition, any dirt that gets into the console will just be circulated throughout the house. This will compromise the air quality in your home.

For this reason, you should remove all vegetation around the outdoor console. Some people even choose to put their console on gravel away from the grass, dirt or anything else that you could potential compromise the functionality of the unit.

3. Cover Your Outdoor Console In The Winter

Many people do not realize how much the winter's ice, snow and temperature can damage your AC unit. If you are not careful you could shave off years of the consoles ability to work correctly. This is why you should make sure that as the winter approaches, and you will not be using the AC, that you prepare the whole unit for winter. This includes covering the outdoor unit with plastic after the unit has been turned off. This will protect the unit from water damage, and damage from the elements.

By doing these simple things you can ensure that your AC is working effectively.