Four Tips For Finding And Repairing Damage To Your Hot Tub

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If you have a hot tub or spa, it can become cracked, the heater can stop working, or a motor may fail. Some of these problems may be more noticeable than others, but they can all be easily repaired. If it is something simple like a small crack, a DIY repair kit may work; other repairs like replacing the heater may require some professional help. Here are four problems that you may encounter with your spa and how to deal with them:

1. Problem With The Heater Not Working

Spas have a heating element that heats the water that is circulating in them. These parts can easily be damaged by electrical shorts, metal contaminants and other problems. If the water in your hot tub seems to be too cool, you will want to have the heater checked by a pool professional from a company like Anchor Pools & Spas. If you live in an area with poor water quality, heavy metals can damage the heating element. For these situations, filtering water before adding it your spa will help to remove these things and give you better water quality.

2. Motors Not Circulating The Water Efficiently

The motors that circulate the water are other parts that can go bad on hot tubs. These may not even work, which will be an obvious problem. They can also not work efficiently and reduce the circulation of the water in your hot tub. Deposits of metals and other debris can often cause this in the system. If your hot tub does not seem to have the pressure it once had, this may be due to a damaged motor. You can try to clean the motor by using a water softener and then flushing the spa and refilling it with clean water. If cleaning the pipes and motor does not work, it may be time to have a new motor installed.

3.  Cracks In The Hot Tub Surface

Is your hot tub losing a little water every day? This can be due to something like a small crack in the liner of the spa. There are DIY kits that you can use to repair small cracks in the liner of your spa. Sometimes, it may be difficult to find the crack in a liner though, but there are dye kits that you can use to make it easier to find leaks.  This will help you identify leakage where the dye is to repair and damage or cracking in the liner.

4. Problems With Heavy Metals And Discolored Water

If you live in an area that has hard water (water with high heavy metal content), or you are using a private well, the heavy metals in the water can cause problems with mechanical systems. These contaminants can also cause the water in your spa to change colors, or even cause your hair or nails to turn green. Pre-filtering water before you add it to your spa will help to reduce the problem of hard water with your spa. This will make the water in your spa cleaner, and prevent a lot of the problems with discoloration. It will also reduce the need to use many costly spa chemicals in your hot tub. Pool services can even install a pre-filter for you to make it easier to maintain your hot tub.

These are some of the problems that may cause your hot tub to malfunction. If you need help with repairs to your spa, contact a professional pool service to get the repairs done for you.