Tools Homeowners Should Keep On Hand For Unexpected Appliance Repairs

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If you're a new homeowner, you may be overwhelmed by the idea that you'll now have to repair or replace any appliances that begin to fail. While it's always best to call an experienced appliance repair professional for bigger projects, such as those dealing with electricity, you may be able to handle the smaller appliance repairs on your own. Below are a list of must-have tools to keep on hand for those smaller repairs that need doing. 

Safety First

Even if you have every other item on this list, you should not begin repairs until you have work goggles and gloves, at a minimum. 

You could be dealing with hot-to-the-touch appliances, and gloves help you to get a tight grip on your tools, making your work safer and more effective. 

Wrench Set

For the majority of plumbing repairs, you'll need a wrench on hand. These are great for turning off water valves while you're looking for the clog or leak. Basin wrenches are good for harder to reach spots while adjustable wrenches can be used to remove and replace shower heads, among other things. 

Pipe Snake

Another great plumbing tool. When your bathtub or sink aren't draining as they should, a drain snake (more formally known as an auger) will break up any clogs and dislodge them from your plumbing system. 

Screwdriver Set

Screwdrivers are a versatile and universal tool for home repairs. They can be used to open up battery compartments and remove light switch plates. If you plan on doing the majority of home repairs yourself, it'd be wise to pick up a set as opposed to one or two. Sizes needed will vary among appliances. 

Canned Air

If you ever need to repair an appliance in a hurry, canned air can be used to cool down any hot components so you don't burn yourself or any materials you're using to do the repair. Warning: Be sure the appliance is unplugged from any and all electrical sources before using canned air. Also, remember to hold the can vertically while spraying so it does not spray liquid into the appliance. 

Plier Set

Another set of tools not to be caught without. Pliers are a great way to get a firm grip on smaller appliance components. They can also be used for twisting or cutting wires. 

While having these tools on hand will enable you to do quick and easy home repairs, it's important to consult with a professional like one from J & M Appliance for larger or more difficult projects. If you're ever in doubt, call an appliance repair contractor so you don't end up needing to completely replace your appliance.