Repairing A Cracked Window In Your Vehicle

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If you have had a crack occur in your window due to a rock kicking up and hitting your vehicle, it can be repaired or replaced by a glass company. You can attempt to do a simple crack or chip repair yourself if you have the correct tools. Here are some instructions you can use to help guide you in fixing a cracked window in your vehicle.

Items You Will Need

Clean The Affected Area

You will want to do the repair work in an area where there is no sun glare obstructing your vision from being able to see the crack. Move your vehicle to a shaded area or in a garage where you will be able to see what you are doing. 

Pick out any small shards of glass out of the crack by using a pushpin to scrape them out of the area. Use a shop vacuum to clean out the crack, removing any pieces that were deeply embedded. You will need to have the area completely free of any obstructions so the resin used to do the repair will adhere inside the crack. 

Use your rubbing alcohol to cleanse the cracked area, removing any dust particles or grime that may be around the crack from normal driving conditions. Use your clean cloth to apply. Allow the window to dry completely before starting the repair.

Repairing The Crack

A windshield repair kit consists of a small plastic piece that is placed over the crack. It is applied to the windshield using small suction cups to keep in in place. Position the reservoir right over the crack. 

Resin will be provided with a windshield repair kit. Pour the resin into the reservoir. There will be a plastic pumping mechanism next to the reservoir on the application device. Push this up and down to pump the resin into the crack, making sure you get it in all spots that were affected.

After the resin is in place, you will want to smooth it over the surface of the crack using a credit card. The kit should come with a piece of film used to place over the resin before you scrape it over the existing glass to make it appear uniform on the window.

Move your vehicle into a sunny area. The heat from the sun will help the resin to dry and will help it adhere. Use a window cleanser to clean the window when the resin has completely hardened.

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