3 Cheap Hacks For Expensive-Looking Kitchen Designs

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If you love to cook and entertain, the kitchen is the hub of your home. It can also prove one of the most expensive rooms in the home to remodel, particularly if you want to completely overhaul the current look. But there are a few design hacks that can give you an expensive-looking kitchen for a fraction of the price.

Cabinet Resurfacing

Completely replacing your existing cabinets is an expensive undertaking. But if the frames of the cabinets are strong, you can achieve a new look at a fraction of the price with resurfacing. Cabinet resurfacing uses new doors and veneer to give your existing cabinet a face lift. Instead of having a row of beige painted cabinet doors lining your wall, you can have wood doors on cabinet bases masked to match.

Contact a cabinet resurfacing company (such as Rich's Kitchens Inc) for the best results. It can be hard to exactly match the veneer on the base of the cabinets to the doors and an incorrect match can make it very obvious that the cabinets weren't a single unit. The lower cost of materials mean that even hiring a professional will cost less in the long run then completely replacing the cabinets.

Concrete Finish Counters

Concrete counters are a durable, cost-efficient alternative to marble. But even do-it-yourself concrete countertops can be expensive due to sheer size, weight and the steps necessary to stabilize your cabinets. Concrete finish offers a way to have the look of concrete at a fraction of the price -- and effort.

Concrete finish involves painting a light layer of concrete over your existing counters. Depending on the current material and condition of your counters, you may need to do some light sanding first to smooth out the surface and make the concrete better adhere. Then you can apply thick, even layers of the finish, allowing each layer to dry before adding the next. You can then apply a food-safe sealant to give the counters a glossy finish and protection from wear and tear. The finish is available in most hardware stores. Make sure you follow the mixing directions carefully.

Painted Floor 

Is your kitchen floor an unattractive laminate that you can't afford to replace? Grab a gallon or two of latex-based paint and get to work creating a new look. The simplest answer is to choose a color darker than the current floor and simply paint it all one color. But the more artistic sorts can get creative with tile-like designs or even marble-style swirls.

As with the counter project, you will want to lightly sand the floor ahead of the project and then clean up any dirt and debris before painting. Use a high quality primer that's appropriate for floors and latex-paint. Apply the paint, allow the layers to dry, then finish with a non-slip sealant.