How To Work Your New Fence Around Backyard Obstacles

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When you want to put in a new fence but you have obstacles in your way, it is best to figure out a way to work around them. In many cases, it may not be feasible to remove the obstacle, so by choosing an alternative option, you can still get the fence you want. This process will take some additional planning and creative use of materials for you to accomplish your goal.

Use Curves

One common type of obstacle is trees and bushes that you cannot remove. When this happens, your best option is to incorporate curves into your fence design. Instead of having straight lines, you work the fencing material around the plant life, which also adds a unique look to your fence.

The easiest fencing material for curves will be chain link, because it is flexible. The chain link can also handle slight pressure from the plants as they grow. Additionally, if you need to move the fence to accommodate a larger tree, you simply have a fencing company move the poles and readjust the chain link.

Another method is to build a curved wooden fence when you do not want chain link. This process is slightly more complicated, because you need to make a curved frame for the fence, before you can install panels. However, most fencing contractors can handle the design and installation process for you if building your own fence is too difficult to complete on your own.

Adjust the Height

Another common obstacle is dips or humps in your yard, which makes it difficult to have a fence that is even across the top. With this problem, you could have a company come out and regrade your yard, which involves removing or adding more dirt to the problem areas. However, in severe cases, the company may need to regrade your entire yard, which is a costly project.

One solution is to have a fencing company like Outdoor Fence Company adjust the height of the fence slats. In the areas where your yard has high or low spots, the fencing company will cut the slats so that the overall height of your fence stays the same.

This takes more time, but the work eliminates the need to regrade a portion of your yard before the fence can go in. You can also use this method with several fencing materials such as wooden slats, wrought iron posts and vinyl fencing.

Therefore, before you put in your new fence, you should look into all of your options. These options can help you work around any obstacle you may face when you want to install a new fence around your yard.