Own An Above Ground Swimming Pool? How To Care And Maintain It

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An above ground swimming pool installation is a great way to spend your days in the summer heat. As long as you take care of it and keep it maintained, you will enjoy it for a long time. It requires maintenance much like an in-ground pool, such as water chemistry tests, checking for debris, and keeping a check on the water level:

Keep It Clean

Your pool requires weekly, monthly and yearly cleaning. It is much easier if you stay on top of this. Investing in a thick and high quality liner, an automatic cleaner, and good equipment that is designed for above ground pools will make things go easier for you.

Keep Chemicals Balanced

It is important that you keep the chemicals in your pool balanced, as this will prevent you from doing a lot of work. Follow the directions on the chemical system you use. Most types, however, require that the alkalinity and the pH stay in balance within a certain range so the other chemicals in the pool will work well.

Most chemical systems require you shock your pool once per week. Check the instructions to make sure, however. It is important that you shock it after each rainfall. If you use a chlorine system, check the sanitizer level.

Test the alkalinity levels and pH two times per week, and adjust them if needed to their recommended range. Test the phosphate levels in the pool once a month, and add phosphate remover, which will prevent algae.

Doing regular maintenance on your pool will keep it clean, and running efficiently for you. If you have any questions about anything above, the pool company that installed your pool can be very helpful. They can explain to you the best type of chemicals you should use, how to add them to your pool, how to test them, and much more.