Improving The Energy-Efficiency Of Your Home To Reduce The Strain On Your Furnace

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If the insulation in your home is not up to standards, then the heat generated from your furnace can quickly leak out of your home. The more quickly heat leaks out of your home, the more frequently your furnace has to run. A furnace that has to run all the time leads to higher heating costs, but it will also lead to premature furnace failure. Thus, in order to keep your furnace running like it should, you need to do everything you can to improve the effectiveness of the insulation in your home. 

Make Sure Your Ducts Are Insulated

In some homes, your ducts run outside of the insulation envelope. If your ducts are not properly insulated, they can get chilled by the outside air. Cold ducts will chill the air running through them. If you have ducts running through your attic, through your crawlspace, or through an unfinished basement, then you need to inspect them for insulation and then make improvements as needed. If you are handy, you can insulate your ducts on your own, but you can also call in professionals for help

Check Your Windows

Windows will not have the same insulation properties as the walls of your home. Plenty of warm air from your furnace can leak out through your windows. Using thermal curtains can help to insulate your windows. A good thermal curtain will have a layer of insulation and a layer of foil. Together, they will help to make sure that cold air stays out of your home and hot air stays in your home. 

You do not need to keep your thermal curtains closed all the time. Instead, you should keep them open during the day so that you can benefit from solar heat gain. Closing your curtains at night will help to keep your home warm. 

Use Space Rugs

Tile and hardwood floors can be cold. Simply covering your floors with rugs will help to keep your home warm. Its a little thing, but space rugs can really make a difference in the heating costs of your home. 

If you want your furnace to be as efficient as possible, you need to do everything you can to improve the insulation in your home. It is easy to overlook things like the ducts in your home, but to get the best performance and a longer life from your furnace, you cannot afford to overlook anything.